Wellness is traditionally conceived as something that is an accessory to daily routine. At Velvære, wellness seamlessly integrates into the pattern of life.

Mental Health

Mindfulness & Meditation Spaces with numinous & noetic moments, designated spaces with a healing atmosphere.

Natural Rhythms

Connection to the Natural World and integrations with nature, biophilic design, cardinal directions, cosmic connections.


Kitchens designed around wellness with growing gardens and meditative cooking & cleaning.

Life in Harmony

Fluidity between professional (work from home) and personal spaces that eliminates environmental stressors, enhancing flow state and cognitive performance.

Humor & Movement

Integrating movement, playfulness, and rituals for environmental psychology.

Emotional Regulation

Rituals for health & hygiene, elevated bathing experiences and self care.

Healing Sleep

Sleep Sanctuaries with lighting to foster circadian rhythms, acoustics, EMR & EMF reduction.

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