Club Velvaere

Membership at Club Velvaere is intrinsic to every real estate sale. The Club Velvaere membership is exclusive to Velvaere owners and their guests, as well as renters while in residence. Membership includes unlimited access to the Wellness Center with its health club, spa, and cutting-edge modalities and the Adventure Center, Velvaere’s center for ski services and apres ski in the winter and hiking, biking, and pool in the summer.

A young woman relaxes in a hot tub with a jacuzzi in the winter outdoors, sitting on back and enjoying the view of the snowy forest. Concept of winter rest in hot bath on nature

Wellness Modalities

With its sweeping ski beach, hot tubs, pools and food offerings, the Adventure Center is the destination at the end of any Velvaere resident’s ski day. It is also the headquarters for summer fun and exploration.

Velvaere’s Wellness Center offers the most current modalities available in the wellness world today, including cryotherapy, hyperbarics, HaloIR, thermal and contrast bathing, IV, and LightStem, to name just a few. It also features traditional fitness facilities and lap swimming in a year-round outdoor pool.

Velvaere membership also extends to in-home treatments and sponsored events geared to bolster wellness in mind and body.

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