wellness (noun) well•ness

A condition of good physical and mental health, especially as a sought-after goal, through the pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles and maintained by proper diet and exercise to achieve holistic health and wellbeing.

Health of the whole human and working on oneself - inner work.


A community focused on the health of the whole human, Velvære is a place to not just call home, but a place for contemplating life’s "inner work", within a community built around these principles.

wellness center
the heart + soul of velvære

Founded on industry-leading technology and one-of-a-kind experiences, the wellness center offers wellness modalities that challenge and enhance not just the wellness of the individual but the community as a whole. With immersive, wellness-focused programming, the Wellness Center will provide an awakening of the senses while elevating the mind, body, and soul.


wellness modalities

Integrated wellness oriented approaches, linked with conventional recovery, offer the opportunity for education, while enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual recovery and wellbeing - a retreat from the everyday.

  • Outdoor Activities:
    Hiking, Biking and Barefoot Hiking

  • Health Workshops and Lectures with Local Wellness Partners:

    • Gut Health + Immunity

    • Gathering Space/Café for Workshops

  • Zen + Herb Gardens, Meditation Based Landscapes

  • Specialty Massage:
    Thai, Shiatsu, Sports, CBD and More

  • Energy Work:
    Reiki, EFT, Craniosacral

  • Skincare and Beauty Treatments: 

    • Body Wraps + Scrubs

  • Acupuncture + Cupping

• Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga and Breathwork

• Nutrition Programs for Microbiome + Biohacking

• Women's + Men's Health Programs

• Therapies:
Sound, Thermal + Contrast Bathing, Infrared, Halotherapy, IV and Compression

• LightStem LED
• Hyperbaric Chamber/Pod • Cryotherapy
• HaloIR
• Steam/Sauna

• Sound, Thermal + Contrast Bathing, Infrared, Halotherapy, IV and
• LightStem LED
• Hyperbaric Chamber/Pod • Cryotherapy
• HaloIR
• Steam/Sauna

• Yoga + Chroma Yoga
• Cardio, Strength + Movement Offerings • Functional Fitness
• Cycling/Rowing

• Physical Therapy
• Personal Training
• Functional Movement Screening
• Physiotherapy, Kinesiology + Kinesio Taping
• Percussion Guns
• Normatec Compression Boots

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